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The 'Holistic Mental Health Training Certificate' course reveals the simple secrets to raising mentally healthy and emotionally stable children

Current medical and nursing mental health training is based on a more holistic approach, which deals with the causes of mental confusion and dysfunctional behaviours rather than trying to counter the symptoms after they appear. (a bit like teaching people to swim rather than trying to rescue them when they are drowning)

If you’ve always wanted to know the keys to raising a happier, healthier child who excels academically and you want to understand the things that are taught to psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, nurses, and behavioural counselors … then this easy, no jargon course is for you!

Maslow's Model For Mental Health has been known by mental health professionals since the 1940's. Now, we have distilled all of the concepts and knowledge into the Brain Health Education Institute's level 3 certificate Holistic Mental Health Certificate course.

Mental Exhaustion, irrational thoughts and unusual behaviors are often attributed to a 'Mental Illness' and the symptoms are treated with medication and cognitive therapies. Increasingly, therapists are now seeing Mental Health holistically integrated as Body, Mind and Spirit, with all three requiring attention. The focus is moving from treating the symptoms to eliminating the causes.

The course shows how to establish and incorporate simple feedback routines to maintain a "Healthy Brain", observe and deal with the underlying causes of "Addictive Behaviors" and recognize opportunities to establish a "Life Worth Living". 

The Holistic Mental Health Training Certificate Course

This self-paced course steps through all 5 tiers of 'Maslow's Plan For Mental Health' and provides information and insights into our basic DNA thinking and how trauma can influence our adult thoughts, feelings, behaviours and addictions. 

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Are you continually frustrated by trying to teach children who are tired, hungry and unfocused?


How To Protect A Child's Mental Health - pdf Book

This iBook (pdf) in based on the content of the Training Certificate Course and is essential reading for anyone involved in education, support, child care or has a parenting role. 

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Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

"I congratulate Trevor and Annie Boulton for their efforts.
Mental Health is essential to personal wellbeing, family and interpersonal relationships and the ability to contribute to community and society". 
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Queensland Minister For Health

"Resources for young people to develop healthy lifestyles and coping strategies are always welcome".
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Medicare Local

"Trevor and Annie have been educating young people in schools and the wider community about mental illness for many years and produced the 'Toxic Thinking Apps' which have been downloaded many tens of thousands of times across the world".
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St James Lutheran College

"The information has helped not only arm our students with the basics of mental health care but we as teachers are better equipped to notice key issues that arise from our day to day work with adolescents.  I therefore, thoroughly endorse the work that Trevor and Annie Boulton are doing and the importance of training the next generation in the principles of holistic mental health".
Mark Payne
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The Brain Health Education Institute is extremely fortunate to be able to call on the assistance of our advisory board and a team of people from across the world who have a passion for proactive mental and emotional health.

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Janette Schloss - Registered Psychologist
B.Ed. - B.Sc. (App. Psych.)

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