Connecting  Body,  Mind & Spirit

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Human Mental Health Is Best Understood 'HOLISTICALLY'

as having three components, Body, Mind & Spirit

The Holistic Mental Health Certificate

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Mental exhaustion, irrational thoughts and unusual behaviors are often attributed to a 'Mental Illness' and the symptoms are treated with mind altering chemicals and cognitive therapies. Increasingly, therapists are now seeing Mental Health holistically integrated as Body, Mind and Spirit, with all three requiring attention.

Teaching people to protect their mental health is a proven way to -

Reduce anxiety and depression,
Reduce staff turnover
Reduce absenteeism
Reduce workplace friction
Increase productivity and harmony
Build emotional resilience

Developed by The Brain Health Education Institute, after more than half a century of research and observation, these community workshops, PD sessions and online Holistic Mental Health Training courses focus on practical ways of developing and maintaining 'Holistic Mental Health' and explain the relationships between the needs of our physical body, how disconnection and trauma influences our thinking, and the role of purpose in mental and emotional well-being.

Trainees answer multiple choice questions and on successful completion receive their Holistic Mental Health Certificate.

The course shows how to establish and incorporate simple feedback routines to maintain a "Healthy Brain", observe and deal with the underlying causes of "Addictive Behaviors" and recognize opportunities to establish a "Life Worth Living".
Graduates are empowered and resourced to provide Holistic Mental Health training and implement workplace and educational practices.

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Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

"I congratulate Trevor and Annie Boulton for their efforts.
Mental Health is essential to personal wellbeing, family and interpersonal relationships and the ability to contribute to community and society". 
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Queensland Minister For Health

"Resources for young people to develop healthy lifestyles and coping strategies are always welcome".
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Medicare Local

"Trevor and Annie have been educating young people in schools and the wider community about mental illness for many years and produced the 'Toxic Thinking Apps' which have been downloaded many tens of thousands of times across the world".
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