Free, Fun Interactive Information And Training Sessions Focusing on Developing And Maintaining Optimum Mental Health In Children - Presented by the Founders of The Brain Health Education Institute in library meeting rooms across Australia.

A NEW APPROACH TO MENTAL HEALTH - How To Implement 'Maslow's Plan For Mental Health' - Ideal for anyone involved in child care, has a parenting role or has a family member that they are concerned about.

Traditional community mental health initiatives focus on managing mental illnesses after the symptoms become apparent. Whilst billions of dollars are poured into these programs every year, the mental health and well-being of the global community is continually getting worse and those diagnosed are getting younger every year. Almost one in seven (13.9%) 4-17 year-olds were assessed as having mental disorders in the previous 12 months.

Learn how educators and parents can build mental and emotional resilience into a child's life with simple strategies around healthy food, drink choices, good sleep routines and relationship building.

Small changes to hydration, nutrition, sleep habits and sugar consumption can radically improve brain health and improve moods and behaviour. Ensuring that the foundational 'Maslow's Basement' needs are met will build both mental and emotional resilience and boost the immune system.

These foundational strategies build resilience for the stresses of teenage years and into adulthood.

Session Topics

Understanding Mental Health
Body, Mind And Spirit
Maslow’s Order Of Basic Needs
The Body
The Human Brain
Water Sustains Life
Fuel Quality Impacts Performance
Sleep Is Brain Maintenance
Physiological Performance Dashboard
Safety And Security
The Mind
Feeling Safe In A Tribe
Connecting Body, Mind And Spirit
The Still Face Experiment
Reactions To Trauma
Connection - Feeling Accepted

Using The How Are You Going? Card

A Fun, Interactive Information And Training Session

Free Seminar Program
Session Time  - 90 minutes
Ages 12+
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Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

"I congratulate Trevor and Annie Boulton for their efforts.
Mental Health is essential to personal wellbeing, family and interpersonal relationships and the ability to contribute to community and society". 

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Queensland Minister For Health

"Resources for young people to develop healthy lifestyles and coping strategies are always welcome".

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Medicare Local

"Trevor and Annie have been educating young people in schools and the wider community about mental illness for many years and produced the 'Toxic Thinking Apps' which have been downloaded many tens of thousands of times across the world".

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St James Lutheran College

"The information has helped not only arm our students with the basics of mental health care but we as teachers are better equipped to notice key issues that arise from our day to day work with adolescents.  I therefore, thoroughly endorse the work that Trevor and Annie Boulton are doing and the importance of training the next generation in the principles of holistic mental health".

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About The Team

The Brain Health Education Institute is self-funded and extremely fortunate to be able to call on the assistance of our voluntary advisory board and a team of people from across the world who have a passion for proactive mental and emotional health.

Trevor Boulton - Chief Executive Officer
M.B.A. (I.T.)  Cert4TAA

Annie Boulton - Director of Programs and Training

Janette Schloss - Registered Psychologist
B.Ed. - B.Sc. (App. Psych.)