How To Protect A Child's Mental Health eBook.pdf by Trevor & Annie Boulton

We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading this book and get a lot from the information contained in it

It is NOT a book about mental health problems, symptoms and cures.
It is NOT a book about children's mental health.
It IS a book about the causes of mental health problems and ways to avoid the things that can lead to addictions and mental illnesses.

It is a practical handbook written by Trevor and Annie Boulton, the founders of The Brain Health Education Institute to show people how simple things can adversely affect our brain function, thinking and behaviour. It references the 1943 ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs’ and demonstrates that, if and when these needs are not met, the ability to attain optimum mental health is not possible.

The book is a result of many lifetimes of conversations and experience walking alongside disturbed people in all walks of life.

It includes our own personal stories and is a BIG PICTURE (HOLISTIC) OVERVIEW of mental health and the things we can do to establish and maintain it.

Enjoy the book!

Let's Stop Picking Up The Pieces At The Bottom Of The Cliff And Start Implementing Ways To Keep People From Falling

Developed by The Brain Health Education Institute after more than half a century of personal experiences, teaching, research and observation, this book expounds  'Maslow's 5 Step Mental Health Model'. With a focus on practical ways to develop and maintain Mental Health holistically, the book explains the relationship between the needs of our physical body, how disconnection and trauma influences our thinking, and the role of relationships and purpose in mental and emotional well-being.

"Thank you - I now understand why my grandson committed suicide" Elizabeth, North Sydney.

"We now know what went wrong with our son who went from being an A student to his refusal to attend school and why he has confined himself to his room with his X Box" Patricia & Mitch, Noosa Heads 

Table Of Contents

The Brain Health Education Institute
Body, Mind And Spirit
Maslow’s Order Of Basic Needs
The Body
The Human Brain
Water Sustains Life
Fuel Quality Impacts Performance
Sleep Is Brain Maintenance
Physiological Performance Dashboard
Safety And Security
The Mind
Feeling Safe In A Tribe
Connecting Body, Mind And Spirit
The Still Face Experiment
Reactions To Trauma
Who Have I Become
Shame Is The Engine

Underlying Shame Dashboard
Facing The Pain Brings New Life
So, Who Am I?
Connection - Sense Of Belonging
Spirit And Purpose
Planning Your journey
Fit For Purpose
Unique Gifts And Purpose
Purpose And Self Esteem
Not Built To Travel Alone
Self Actualization
Disaster Recovery
Biochemistry - Endorphins
Biochemistry - Dopamine
Biochemistry - Serotonin
Biochemistry - Oxytocin
Biochemistry - Cortisol
The Brain Buddy Handbook
This book reveals the simple secrets to raising mentally healthy and emotionally stable children.

Current medical and nursing mental health training is based on a more holistic approach, which deals with the causes of mental confusion and dysfunctional behaviours rather than trying to counter the symptoms after they appear. (a bit like teaching people to swim rather than trying to rescue them when they are drowning)

If you’ve always wanted to know the keys to raising a happier, healthier child who excels academically and you want to understand the things that are taught to doctors, nurses, childcare professionals and counselors … then this easy to read, no jargon book is for you!

Maslow's Model For Mental Health has been known by mental health professionals since the 1940's. Now, we have distilled all of the concepts and knowledge from the Brain Health Education Institute's level 3 certificate Holistic Mental Health Certificate course into a simple, easy to follow book.

Mental Exhaustion, irrational thoughts and unusual behaviors are often attributed to a 'Mental Illness' and the symptoms are treated with medication and cognitive therapies. Increasingly, therapists are now seeing Mental Health holistically integrated as Body, Mind and Spirit, with all three requiring attention. The focus is moving from treating the symptoms to eliminating the causes.

'How To Protect A Child's Mental Health' shows how to establish and incorporate simple feedback routines to maintain a "Healthy Brain", observe and deal with the underlying causes of "Addictive Behaviors" and recognize opportunities to establish a "Life Worth Living". 

How To Protect A Child's Mental Health eBook.pdf

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