The Amazing Brain Show - Interactive Big Screens, Windows PC's & Laptops by Trevor & Annie Boulton

The Amazing Brain Show - Interactive Big Screens, Windows PC's & Laptops

Suits Windows Laptops, PC's and Big Screens

'The Amazing Brain Show' is now available as this interactive multimedia resource for classrooms

The Amazing Brain Show

The Amazing Brain Show was a fun interactive multimedia live show. The show was the spear-head of the Institute's proactive brain health initiatives for children, educators and family engagement. The narrated, touch enabled interactive content is now available anytime on the classroom or family's Windows laptops, desktops, big screen or smart-board.

Thousands of children of all ages have seen The Amazing Brain Show with reported outcomes of children asking to eat more fruit and vegetables - one child went home and asked for his first piece of fruit ever! Most go home as the 'wee police', telling the family about the relevance of wee colour and wondrously, some have asked to go bed earlier!
Children are educating their parents and siblings.

The fun, interactive multimedia program is designed to introduce the concept of the importance of looking after the health of our amazing brain. "Our brain is our body's computer and it needs good food, water and sleep to work properly. If our brain doesn't get enough of these things, we don't feel well and happy, we have difficulty learning and may have poor behaviour".

The Amazing Brain Show was often the beginning of an ongoing collaborative partnership with centres, children, families, communities and The Brain Health Education Institute. These collaborations are reported to be responsible for substantial improvements in behaviour, learning outcomes and emotional well being.

Healthy Habits - The Amazing Brain Show

Topics include:-

Basic interactive anatomy - our brain manages all of our body's systems, learning and feelings. 
The colour of our wee tells us if we are drinking enough water. 
Children count the number of spoons of sugar in soft-drinks 
How what we put in our mouth affects how we feel, behave and learn.
The effects of treats and sugar on moods and feelings
The difference between everyday foods and sometimes foods and how they affect our emotions.
Staff, children and families learn to monitor their brain health through simple feedback loops.

Introducing early childhood brain health establishes the foundations of physical health, mental health and emotional well-being. A child's brain health determines learning outcomes and behavior patterns for life. 

Participants report that their staff and children have increased energy, improved emotional stability, the capacity to better cope with change and challenges and being able to work and learn at their full potential.

Designed and produced exclusively for Windows computers.