How To Protect A Child's Mental Health - A Foundation Course Designed for Educators And Staff by Trevor & Annie Boulton

How To Protect A Child's Mental Health - A Foundation Course Designed for Educators And Staff

This short training course is designed for anyone involved in early education or who has a parenting role. Ideal for new staff orientation

- How To Implement The First 2 Steps Of 'Maslow's Plan For Mental Health'.

This short course is ideal for anyone involved in child care or who has a parenting role.
A certificate is awarded on completion.

Traditional community mental health initiatives focus on managing mental illnesses after the symptoms become apparent. Whilst billions of dollars are poured into these programs every year, the mental health and well-being of the global community is continually getting worse and those diagnosed are getting younger every year. Almost one in seven (13.9%) 4-17 year-olds were assessed as having mental disorders in the previous 12 months.

We, at the Institute, believe educators and parents can build mental and emotional resilience into a child's life with simple strategies around healthy food,  drink choices and establishing good sleep routines.

Small changes to hydration, nutrition, sleep habits and sugar consumption can radically improve brain health and improve moods and behaviour. Ensuring that the foundational 'Maslow's Basement' needs are met will build both mental and emotional resilience and boost the immune system.

These foundational strategies build resilience for the stresses of teenage years and into adulthood.

We believe early education will build resilience and give people the skills to manage childrens mental health which will reduce the incidences of teenage self harm, combat many social dysfunctions and addictive behaviours, and improve community health and well-being.

Mental Health and Emotional Well-being is founded on Nutrition, Hydration and Sleep  - FOOD - WATER - SLEEP

Our programs are endorsed by The Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, The Queensland Health Minister, Local Government and the Mental Health and Education Sectors.

Our many FREE training materials are being used by tens of thousands of people in more than 150 countries. New programs and resources are being developed regularly as distribution platforms, information and needs evolve.

Brain Health is without a doubt, the most important aspect of any child's social and cognitive development

Focusing our effort on the basic needs of children in the early years, supports brain development and helps build the foundational resilience required to withstand life's challenges and traumas.

What's included?


Course Overview Video
16 mins
1- Holistic Mental Health
1 min
2 - Body, Mind & Spirit
1 min
3 - Maslow's Order of Basic Human Needs
1 min
4 - The Body
1 min
5 - The Human Brain
2 mins
6 - Water Sustains Life
1 min
7- Fuel Quality Impacts Performance
1 min
8 - Sleep Is Brain Maintenance
1 min
9 - Physiological Performance Dashboard
1 min
10 - Safety and Security
2 mins
11- DNA - Primal Operating Software
2 mins
12 - Safety in a Tribe
2 mins
13 - The Mind
1 min
14 - Trauma
1 min
15. The Still Face Experiment
2 mins
16 - Reactions to Trauma
1 min
17 - Connection
2 mins
626 KB
Holistic Mental Health Training Certificate
1 min